Lawless & Associates has a combined 100 years of pipe organ knowledge in one form or another—playing, building, refurbishing, maintaining and servicing. We provide:

  • Tuning and Maintenance— We recommend a complete through tuning be performed on your organ during our first visit. During this complete tuning we will make sure that the organ is at the proper pitch of A440 at a temperature of 70°. For continued service we offer Organ Maintenance Agreements. Under the agreement we will call you and reserve a time in our schedule for service visits. Quite often organs do not need to be tuned at Easter and Christmas but do need tuned when the temperature changes and the building goes from heat to air conditioning and back again. We will call you to schedule a tuning for the seasonal changes, with tuning usually occurring in May/June/July and October/November/December. During these service visits, we will do all needed tuning, minor adjustments and regulation. With an agreement, the hourly rate is lower and we allow minimal travel time charges, as we try to “group” customers in a given area when we schedule the tunings. All agreements are invoiced on a semi annual basis with invoices being mailed out at the end of March and the end of September. The agreement price is based on a certain number of visits per year to service your organ (click here to see Service Tips).
  • Restoration, rebuilding, upgrading, relocation


  • Installation of new pipe organs—including design


  • Removal of old and unused pipe organs


  • Appraisals and inspections

Lawless & Associates Pipe Organ Company, Inc. services Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, DC areas. Over the past years they have worked on, built, tuned, restored or installed pipe organs in many locations including Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA: Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, PA: Camp David, Thurmont, MD: National City Christian Church, Washington, DC: Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC; Calvary Episcopal, Front Royal, VA and many more.

No job is too small or too large for our combined experience and knowledge.

  • What others are saying…

    Irving Lawless, having been involved with our Möller organ since 1976 and its principal caretaker since 1998, knows every inch of this instrument and has deeply invested himself in its care. He and his knowledgeable tuning, maintenance, and office staff provide exemplary service, listen carefully to our needs, and always go well above and beyond the call of duty to make this pipe organ sound glorious each and every week. We could not ask for anything, or anyone, finer and would highly recommend this firm to any church!
    Charles Miller
    Minister of Music and Organist
    National City Christian Church
    Washington, D.C.
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